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Social Distancing at Disney

Client Spotlight - Pat and Amanda Sullivan

September 23, 2020

After months without traveling because of Covid-19, Pat and Amanda Sullivan decided it was time for a vacation in August 2020. The opportunity to visit Disney World without all the crowds was too good to resist, so they booked a trip to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom with Christie at Grueninger Travel. Their biggest takeaway from traveling to Disney during Covid-19? The experience may be a little bit different than before, but it’s still the happiest place on earth.

“We hadn’t been to Disney since our kids were small and we had heard it was very quiet yet safe. We normally travel several times in the year and haven’t been anywhere recently, so it sounded like a fun adventure!

Our takeaway was that it’s not only the happiest place on earth but also the safest!

Masks are required as soon as you leave your hotel room and you must wear them unless you are eating or drinking. Every single ride has lines to mark 6 feet distance and the rides are also spaced apart, so most are minimally filled. The longest we waited on a ride was 20 minutes and many we didn’t wait longer than 5 minutes. Disney characters are also very scattered and sparse. When the princesses did appear, they were on a carriage or trolley away from people. We anticipated most of the cautiousness and viewed that as a trade for an unheard of “quiet” Disney.

Hands down booking with Grueninger made this super easy. We knew we wanted to stay onsite, but past that, didn’t know what to anticipate. Christie inquired about our tastes in hotels and activities and was able to find a great hotel with a lake view, tell us what to expect, and set us up for a great experience. Christie answered questions about safety expectations at Disney as well as how park passes, transportation, and dining experiences work.

Anticipate a different Disney. We were able to appreciate the lay out of the parks and the vastness of the attractions. You will wear a mask, no exceptions. Depending on the time of year there’s often pop up afternoon showers. If you don’t mind getting wet (take your poncho, they’re just showers) the parks go from quiet to ghost town and suddenly you feel like someone rented the park out to you!”

Photos courtesy of Amanda Sullivan

Are you thinking about a trip to Disney, but overwhelmed by all of the options? Grueninger Travel can help simplify the experience and set your trip up for success. Call 260-482-8251 to begin planning your vacation today!

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