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Sun, Sand, and a Break from Big Decisions in Puerto Vallarta

Advisor Spotlight - Mona Will

March 24, 2021

In mid-March I traveled to Puerto Vallarta for 4 nights. It was my first time to be on the Pacific side of Mexico. I chose to stay at Secrets Vallarta Bay because it's an adult only, all-inclusive resort. I'm an adult and I wanted to stay somewhere where I could do as little as possible. No big decision making for 5 days was my goal. No phone calls for 5 days, no emails for 5 days and very little talking to other people for 5 days.

I was "peopled out" and needed a break. I wanted sun, sand between my toes and a few really good tasting margaritas. Mexico seemed like a really good option.

I checked in to the resort on a Friday afternoon. The polite young man that checked me in said I could wait until 2 days before I was going to leave to make an appointment with the concierge at the adjoining resort-NOW Vallarta for my Covid-19 test required for reentry to the US. The next day I waited about 20 minutes behind other people that were waiting to schedule their test. When it was my turn, she informed me that the test would have to be Monday (I was leaving Tuesday!) because they didn't do tests on Sunday. I was a bit nervous about getting the results back in a timely manner, considering the test was scheduled only 24 hours before I would be leaving the resort. The concierge was very calm when I expressed my concern and said I would have the results by the end of the day on Monday. I had to trust her.

Monday I showed up for my 9A appointment and by 915A the test was administered. In less than 10 minutes from sitting down in the chair for the test, I was done and escorted into a waiting room of sorts to wait. Not for the results but I think to make sure I wouldn't pass out or react to the procedure. By 6PM Monday night, I had the results in my hands just as the concierge had said it would be. WHEW! Of course, what was the worst that could happen? That I would have to spend another day in sunny Puerto Vallarta? ;)

There were a few different highlights of my trip. Finding the AMSTAR representative to walk me to the van that was taking me to the resort (I fell for the old "time share" folks in the transit area against my better judgement and couldn't wait to wiggle out of that - hence my excitement to see the AMSTAR representative), was definitely one of them.

Hearing the waves all day and night, even from my 10th floor room was something I will always yearn for on any ocean trip. And eating THE BEST lime tart from the little coffee shop at the resort "Cocoa Cafe" 3 days in a row!

Staying in this location in the bay, you don't have the powdery sand beaches. You have to walk over smooth stones for a good 6 feet to get into the ocean. There is sand between the resort and the rocks, so you can easily walk a long stretch of the beach because there aren't private beaches in the area I stayed at.

Lastly, you don't have to worry about speaking Spanish to be understood. English is spoken very clearly by all staff at the resort. Of course, if you know some Spanish it doesn't hurt to say "good morning," "thank you" or "thank you very much."

Are you ready to plan your break from reality? Mexico is a popular destination for 2021, with no Covid-19 test result currently required for entry and many resorts offering Covid-19 testing on property for your return to the US. Give us a call to plan a trip to Mexico that’s as seamless as Mona’s at 260-482-8251.

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